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Neon City

Oliver’s Library is back for the first City Pop Sample Pack ever!


The sample pack is inspired by the 80s Japanese pop singers like Yuki Saito, Junko Ohashi, Anri, Mariya Takeuchi…….


And the Japanese pop music of that era is now called "City Pop”. The music presents the fantasy of the urban lifestyle by describing the city, life and love, etc. Many listeners can find nostalgia in this music even though they were not born in that era. 


We tried our best to refer to the recordings of guitarists in the 80s as much as possible while recording guitar sounds. In terms of brass music filling, we also tried our best to restore the sense of phrases of that era. Every drum sample is high quality and ready to go. 


We also have prepared 3 sets of Song Kits and 5 Song Ideas for this pack, you can use the Loop and midi files inside to play as much as you want. At the same time, in our carefully designed 40 Serum Presets, I believe you will be inspired. 


Now it's your turn to use these materials to create your very own nostalgic music!


Pack Contents:


3 Song Kits with Drums, Loops and Fills


5 Song Ideas with Loops and Midi Files


36 Guitar Loops


40 Serum Presets


20 Horn Fills


46 Drum Samples


Total Number Of Files:




300.1 MB

Neon City


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