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The Magic
just to
try your best to combine things you like

Hi, I am Oliver Tan. I started music production and sound design since 2017. 


I believe that every experienced producer/sound-designer has been obsessed with process of “constantly tweaking the sounds in his own space till it surprise you”.


 I have to say, it still attracts me the most about making electronic music.  Because it always happens when you don't expect it - the MAGIC. And that's why I have always wanted to make sample packs. Doing this is a pure joy for me, whenever I experiment and discover a new concept or when I crack a particular artist's unique technique, which can be said to be inspired by him/her. And I will make a pack for that and combine with my inner world fantasy to the concept. By doing this kind of conceptual Sample Pack has always given me the very special sense of fulfillment.

​I hope you enjoy the packs and make something great!

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