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Flume Sample Pack


Flumen is the sound pack in the style of Flume.


Inside the sample pack, we designed a large number of unique sounds influenced by Flume’s albums such like “Mixtape”, “Flume” , “Skin” and Companion EPs.


And in every preset we try to push every idea and creativity to the limit. So you can easily find the sound that suits your music and is unique in each of our carefully designed presets. At the same time, Flumen also provides a lot of crisp clap, punch kick drums, unusual cymbal sounds and exotic percussion instruments. 


That makes it easier for us to complete drum loops that vary in variety and texture. Also you will find that in the Flumen, there are a lot of drum loops, guitar loops, granular and modular ideas that will inspire you ideas.


Just simply drag those sounds into you DAW, and each one of them is ready to go.


There are all sorts of strange variations and timbre in Flume’s music. It’s definitely a beneficial idea to get a look inside on his master mind. And now we could find that in the stems we provide in Flumen.

It’s worth to mention that we have recorded over a hundred of foleys in the pack, and we are sure you’ll find plenty of surprises there.


Pack Contents:


  • 115 Serum Presets
  • 17 Sylenth Presets
  • 153 Drum Samples
  • 57 Drum Loops
  • 10 Guitar Loops
  • 110 Foleys
  • 49 Sound FX
  • 4 Group Stems


Total Number Of Files:


  • 569
  • 460 MB


Software Requirements:

  • Serum 1.309, Sylenth v3.067



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