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Brazilian House Drums

Organic House Loops


As its name suggests, this time we bring you a sound library of a completely original style of music.


Three months ago we found some Brazilian music has the same speed and similar groove as house music, such as classic works like Vera Cruz. And this discovery inspired us to take the time to design this sample pack.


During our experimental period, we found that many acoustic percussion instruments were widely used in Latin and Latin jazz music which could be perfectly combined with house music and get a relaxed and pleasant rhythm.


In the sound design process, we retained a lot of acoustic percussion elements in the instrumentation, so as to ensure that the music retained the Latin music’s sense of dance. At the same time, we also designed very powerful and quick electronic Kick drums to maintain the punchy feeling in the house music.


There are also two constructive kits in the sample pack that contain Stems, Loops, MIDI Files, One-Shot Files and some bonus presets to make sure that you can do everything we did as well.

After that, with this sample pack, not only will you be able to make music just like the demo. But we can assure you that your listening and control of the details and groove will make considerable progress in your future house drum beat making.


So get this pack and take your beat to the next level! 


Pack Contents:


  • 31 Drum Loops
  • 85 Drum Samples
  • 2 Construction Kits
  • 3 Serum Presets


Total Number Of Files:


  • 244
  • 522 MB


Software Requirements:


  • Serum 1.303

Brazilian House Drums


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