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Natural Resonance by Gene Chaban

Ambience Sample Pack


Dive underwater into creeks and streams, experience magical forest ambiences, ominous bird songs and haunting natural atmospheres. 


Processed through resonators and spectral reverbs, these field recordings merge organic sounds and textures into evocative drones and lush ambient pads that sound familiar, yet otherworldly. 


The materials in this pack can be used as a starting point for ambient and acousmatic compositions, experimental soundscapes, cinematic drones or video game atmospheres.


Inspired by Francis Dhumont, Hans Zimmer, Max Cooper, Before Tigers, Brian Eno and many others.


Sound sources for this pack were captured using hydrophones and a stereo pair of condenser microphones, all recorded on a Zoom H4N.  


Field Recording and Sound Design by Gene Chaban.


Styles: Ambient, Cinematic, Drone, Soundscape, Electronica, Lo-Fi, Video Game Soundtrack.


Pack Contents:

10 Loops

4 One Shots 


Natural Resonance by Gene Chaban


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